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(For this song, I wanted it to have a somewhat quicker pace like the first song, but be moreso focused on a steady mid tempo slam feel. It is chaotic like the first song, but it is a controlled chaos this time around. There are a few subtle time changes that symbolize this. Also, I feel that the ending really does a good job of giving a climax to wrap up the album.
This is another song that I had a lot of trouble with at the beginning, until a magical moment where something just clicked. I think that was when I figured out the main verse riff for the first half of the song. The lyrics are kind of hit and miss here - I think the unit quote references are a bit overkill, but I really like the opening map references (especially since I had come up with the vocal pattern beforehand, and the lyrics just fit perfectly) as well as the play on words at the end. I think I'm most proud of how the bass works on this song - not just relying on super fast, flashy fills like on the first song (which is nice *once in awhile*), but rather clever harmonies and repeating melodies that play off of the drums. I also kinda like how the drums go nuts at the end - I never hear cymbal chokes get used like that!
I wrote most of this song on bass. The second riff (right when it comes in super slow) is something I came up with in an old local band I was in when I was 17. They didn't want to use I came home from band practice and recorded it for later. Their loss!)


Now you will run
Under the skies of Luna
Across the plains of Shakuras
Over the mountains of Longinus

Now you will hide
Between the crags of Byzantium
In the canyons of Python
Beyond the deserts of Collosium

I have seen you live and die a hundred times
Stronger have since stood before me and fallen,
But this I owe to you

Bask in the shadow of I,
The seeds you've sewn

Torture is an art form, adding dread to injury
Which limb to tear first? Which weapon to save for last?
Gradually, you will be executed with finesse
But for now, I will watch you bleed

There is a serenity that exists in mastery
(Power overwhelming...)
Musing over my control - my control over you
(How the tables have turned...)

You called down your thunder,
Now you will reap the whirlwind

Know absolute - your abuse has failed
You are inferior
No absolute is beyond my reach
My thanks to you, enemy.


from Animus, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sunken Colony New York, New York

Giving nod to an an ignored art form...

(Upstate NY musician and artist Travis Morgan's solo death metal concept album based on Starcraft)

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