Dormant Misery (Gorguts Cover)

from by Sunken Colony

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(This song is the final track from Quebec based death metal band Gorguts' 1993 album The Erosion of Sanity. It was written by frontman and bandleader Luc Lemay and his (at the time) second guitarist Sylvain Marcoux.
This song has nothing to do the concept of the rest of the album, nor did I change it significantly from its original form (something I feel an artist should usually do if bothering to record a cover, but that's a different conversation). I felt that it would be a good challenge for my ear, my instrumentation, and my recording experience. I also wanted to pay homage to a musical hero of mine, especially considering I don't know of any covers out there that exist from this album. Erosion, as well as the other three Gorguts albums, played a big part in my musical life, and seeing the Gorguts reunion live at Maryland Deathfest in 2010 was easily the best death metal performance I've ever seen, and probably ever will see. Chuck Schuldiner may have invented the genre, but Luc finished it, in my book.
This song took awhile to decipher. My ear has always been the one area of music that I'm naturally talented at (ie don't have to work my ass off at), but this album is unfortunately kind of muddy. It's really tough to pick out all the minor (necessary) details, and looking back on it now, I definitely made a few mistakes in transcription (the riff around 2:50, for example). Either way, I got it pretty damn close though, and I think it's about as close as anyone could get.
...And that accoustic intro was such a bitch! I was hell bent on doing it all in one take, but I couldn't quite get it at their speed. Oh well - still sounds decent enough, I think.

* = yeah I accidentally a word, lol)


Deep inside, beyond all conceptions
Unconsciousness hides - a comatose existence

As your mind falls asleep,
A second life is awakening

Far beyond your* imagination
The world of dreams is where your second soul will perish

Lands which no one's seen before,
Dark as hell
There, alone you are
In this vault of fear

In imagination, time does not exist
'Til the end you'll bear this dormant misery

As you were opening your eyes
Your soul reinstates in consciousness
(Reinstated consciousness)

Once the shades of reality disappear
In the shades of mortality, they reappear

Far beyond dark imagination,
Unconsciousness hides - a comatose existence

Domant Misery...

Next time when you fall asleep in your bed
Stiff and cold you'll be, dreaming with the dead


from Animus, released July 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sunken Colony New York, New York

Giving nod to an an ignored art form...

(Upstate NY musician and artist Travis Morgan's solo death metal concept album based on Starcraft)

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