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animus [AN-uh-muhs]
1. Strong dislike or enmity; hostile attitude; animosity
2. Purpose; intention; animating spirit
3. The masculine principle

In many ways, this album is a struggle. It is a parallel story about a struggle, following characters on either side of the fourth wall. Every instrument struggles to present its piece of the story in the most efficient way. And seeing the story to completion was a struggle, taking three years to construct and record a mere four songs.
I came very close to not releasing this album at all. Having never written and released any serious body of original music in my life, I decided to make an honest attempt. However, knowing my limited knowledge and skill level (I didn't play guitar, program drums, or know much of anything about audio recording at the start of this album's creation), I tried to see it as a "practice record" - and at times, it shows. Between the lack of a professional quality mix, some questionable songwriting choices, the unhealthily perfectionist approach to recording, and the fact that the album is based around a concept on a video game I more or less came up with when I was 15 - there is more than one thing about this album that I disagree with in hindsight. But to have such hindsight means I must have learned a thing or two, which is indeed the case. And thus, we've come full circle...
The Sunken Colony. A twisted, unsightly, and deadly mass of flesh housed upon its unnaturally viscous slime it slowly produces to spread across the landscape. Not until after its subterranean tentacle had ripped its way through the ground to begin impaling and shredding the approaching soldiers limb from limb did I get a glimpse of it. And when their frantic attempts to struggle against the horrid thing proved to be in vain, it returned to sit brooding silently, waiting for its next victim to dare come near.
What better way to be introduced to Starcraft, the real-time strategy game released by Blizzard in 1998? Adolescent me was fascinated. Then he was promptly decimated by his opponents. My friends and I were intrigued by this game's fascinating appeal, consistently coming back to revisit it together. But for me, there was something more to it. The incredible depth offered by the game which I suspected to rival chess was affirmed by South Korea's professionalization of it. So why, then, was I struggling to find my way through such depth?
The bitter agony of defeat. Again and again. The bitter agony of defeat. It's amazing how much the feeling of losing a game can translate into the feelings of losing in other areas of life. The bitter agony of defeat. To put forth so much effort, to spend so many countless hours of your very best that cannot be retrieved, to throw your entire being at one purpose - and have your inadequacy forced back into you. The bitter agony of defeat. Should you finally cease the madness of this indefinite struggle and forget the reason you ever began, or is even the idea of success worth struggling for one more time?
Three years later, I think I have an answer.

Thanks to my parents for giving me the support that physically allowed me to record this album. Thanks to Grant "Stemage" Henry, Erik "VikingGuitar" Peabody, Sean "Daemon9263" Babbit, and Sam "B." for the mixing help. Thanks to TheSHIZZ and MAGfest for being awesome. Merci pour Luc, j'espere que tu jouir la cover. Thanks to the guys who worked at Blizzard in the late 90's for making a timeless masterpiece, the nation of South Korea (and all those beyond) for embracing it, and channel scotia (Jamie "Silicide" Mallia, Derek Mallia, Bryan Aho, Andrew Carstens, and Adam Cavoli) for the memories enjoying it.

If you have any questions, are interested in hiring me for session work, want me to send you individual instrument tracks from this album (considering its sub-par mixing job), or just want to chat - don't be a stranger!

This album is dedicated to the memory of Steeve Hurdle.


released July 1, 2012

Travis Morgan - All composition, performance, and recording (except where noted below)

Luc Lemay / Sylvain Marcoux - Composition on Track 4



all rights reserved


Sunken Colony New York, New York

Giving nod to an an ignored art form...

(Upstate NY musician and artist Travis Morgan's solo death metal concept album based on Starcraft)

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Track Name: Imminent
Fear is the absence of security
The potential for loss, the chance of harm
Fear is caused by an intruding evil
Fear is what is about to happen

Paranoia seeps in through every crack of unknowing
Every corner, every shadow - a threat
The fog of war clouds my sanity
But, if liften, only reveals my impending fate

Running, fleeing - never fast enough
Guard, defend - never strong enough
Always outrun, always outfought
Always outnumbered, always outthought

How does one escape a perpetually losing battle?

Losing control; was never in control
Every attempt thwarted
I know what is imminent -
It has already been decided!
Track Name: Rite of Passage
My throat has little left to be cut now
But the menacing blade of failure persists
Rusted with the blood of those who could not
True to the rite of passage

Fractures in the brick wall in my path -
So close, yet stands in tact
Fractures in my skull held in my hands -
The battering ram begins to crack

The dismal mass exodus
Left beaten, broken, disintegrated
Seeks to become one with the place of liquid
So we might be molded anew

Fool me once
Fool me twice
Fool me thrice
A fool to be shamed

Hopelessness is not conveyable by words
Forcing one from knowledge to resignation
So fascinating, how loathing sustains itself:

Malignantly feeds
Perpetually breeds
Parasitically bleeds
And more, it needs

Fool me thrice
Fool me twice
Fool me once
Foolish to be ashamed?

Break the self to rebuild the self
Removal of self
Dissection of self
Examination of self

I know the answer exists,
Where is it?
Where is it?
Where is it?

Track Name: Animus
Now you will run
Under the skies of Luna
Across the plains of Shakuras
Over the mountains of Longinus

Now you will hide
Between the crags of Byzantium
In the canyons of Python
Beyond the deserts of Collosium

I have seen you live and die a hundred times
Stronger have since stood before me and fallen,
But this I owe to you

Bask in the shadow of I,
The seeds you've sewn

Torture is an art form, adding dread to injury
Which limb to tear first? Which weapon to save for last?
Gradually, you will be executed with finesse
But for now, I will watch you bleed

There is a serenity that exists in mastery
(Power overwhelming...)
Musing over my control - my control over you
(How the tables have turned...)

You called down your thunder,
Now you will reap the whirlwind

Know absolute - your abuse has failed
You are inferior
No absolute is beyond my reach
My thanks to you, enemy.
Track Name: Dormant Misery (Gorguts Cover)
Deep inside, beyond all conceptions
Unconsciousness hides - a comatose existence

As your mind falls asleep,
A second life is awakening

Far beyond your* imagination
The world of dreams is where your second soul will perish

Lands which no one's seen before,
Dark as hell
There, alone you are
In this vault of fear

In imagination, time does not exist
'Til the end you'll bear this dormant misery

As you were opening your eyes
Your soul reinstates in consciousness
(Reinstated consciousness)

Once the shades of reality disappear
In the shades of mortality, they reappear

Far beyond dark imagination,
Unconsciousness hides - a comatose existence

Domant Misery...

Next time when you fall asleep in your bed
Stiff and cold you'll be, dreaming with the dead